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Underground Bin System Showcase

Planning your Underground Bin System

There is no need for separate fences, sheds or other constructions around Molok Deep Collection System. When there is no need for such constructions, there will be more space for example for parking spaces and playgrounds.


Bin Locations

Containers can be emptied even though there would be a fence, bushes or a lawn between the container and the emptying truck.

Locate the containers so that there will be enough space around and above the containers for emptying. Notice eaves, branches, cables etc.

Space Required

The emptying truck should have enough space so that the truck can reach the emptying area easily and so that the emptying can be performed effortlessly and safely

Choosing the correct container & size

The sizes of the containers should be proportioned to the amount of the residents or users. Containers that have too little capacity should be avoided. You can check the right kind of size from Waste Solutions. 

Choose the right kinds of containers for right waste types. You can ask more about the waste collection in your region from your local waste collecting agency or from Waste Solutions.



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