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New Pay By Weight Charges Infographic

New pay by weight bin charges

All you need to know about the new pay by weight charges

From July 2016 all across the republic of Ireland the new “pay by weight” charges will come in with immediate effect. This means that if you are not already paying for the weight of the rubbish in your bin already, you will have to do so within the next couple of months.


Each waste management company will be sending their customers out literature detailing their payment charges.

This idea is to help incourage customers to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste more effectively. If you are considerate and plan your recycling then this will mean a reduction of your bin costs. If you do not recycle and constantly use your standard waste bin you will probably be charged more.

  • Domestic waste bin will be the most expensive to empty.
  • Secondly comes the food waste bin.
  • And finally the recycling bin.

How can I reduce my bin charges?

Well here comes the easy bit! To make sure that you are charged the least for your bins then here is the simple solution.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

If you are prepared then reducing your waste is simple! Organize your household, Office or workplace so that recycling is as easy as throwing your waste in the bin!

Having the right tools is essential.

A triobin or a triple section bin is an easy way to segregate your bins into the 3 waste streams!

Reduce the amount of waste coming into your home!

Shops are obliged to take away any excess packinging that you do not want to take home. Remove outer cardboard from pizza boxes and other unnessary packaging before you leave the shop!


A great way to completely remove a large portion of your waste stream is to actively compost in your garden or even on your apartment balcony!

Vedgetable clippings, root vedge skins, gone off fruit are all great for turning into good compost but they often find themselves thrown into the food waste bin or even worse the standard waste bin. These are heavy items too so this would be a wise choice to consider. Purchase a compost bin for your garden or a Bokashi Composter for small balcony. All natural uncooked ingredients should be disposed of this way. Eventually these will break down into useful nutrients for growing vedgetables, herbs and flowers.

Keep a small caddy on your windowsill or under your sink for convenience. When this is full empty this into your composter. Simple!

Once the compost has enough food breaking down then the size will start to reduce.  This creates an almost unfillable compost bin that wont cost you a penny to maintain!

Brown Bin Management

Most households in Ireland now have a brown bin outside their door. People are now starting to realise that these can become nasty and smelly very quickly if not properly managed. It can often be very costly too as this type of waste is very heavy.

Good management of this bin will save you money while also reducing the nasty oders that come out of it.

The most effective method for reducing this cost is to replace your small brown or food waste kitchen bin with a ventilated caddy and Biobag combo.

Biobags (branded) are made from breathable material which will let water evapourate from your compost. This in conjunction with a ventilated caddy effectively lets your food waste breath and reduce while also preventing bacteria to multiply effectively. This reduces the weight and the oder and you will begin to notice less flys around your kitchen! Up to 40% of the total weight can be reduced by this method saving you plenty of money in the long run.

These biobags cost fractionally more per bag then their counterpart cheaper bags. And if you have ever experienced using these before you will know that they break down too quickly, leak and cause an awful mess. So by spending a little more at the start, you end up spending much less when you start paying by weight!!


10  Products that will help me reduce my bin charges

  1. Gravity locks
  2. Compost bin
  3. Bokashi Composter
  4. Biobag with Ventilated caddy
  5. Tabletop caddy
  6. Trio Recycling Bin
  7. DIY wetpaper logmaker
  8. Bin Trasher Device
  9. Can Crusher
  10. wormery

All these products are available from our partners online at

Happy Recycling Folks!!!!


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